I've spent the last 20 years exploring the remote Australian outback.

The idea that many people will never get to experience what I do, is what inspired me to capture this country at its best, and bring it back to those people in the form of artwork for them to enjoy. I just love the bush itself, the lifestyle, the fresh air, and the colours. Photography makes me stop and enjoy the location I’m in.

Starting off with a basic Minolta SLR film camera, I found the mystery of shooting with film fascinating. Over the years I have had to adapt, with the transition to a digital age, but have never lost that passion and drive to capture the ‘Ultimate Image’.

Nowadays I shoot with a premium digital camera system, and with Darwin as a base I travel to some of the most remote corners of this country, just myself my trusty Toyota and a swag - and I love every minute of it.


When you view one of my images, I want you to feel like you're actually there; standing in the landscape.

To do this, I use the Phase One XF3 - the world's most powerful medium format camera system. Why have such an advanced piece of equipment? Well being the outdoor type, I have seen a lot (almost all) of Australia and I know and understand her colours, moods and seasons. In order that I do these landscapes justice I believe in creating a true representation of what I have seen - and the only way to do that is by using the best gear. Using a 100 megapixel camera system with prime lenses, it also means that I can produce images up to 3m in size with unrivalled clarity, detail and colour, which ultimately means for you that no matter what size image you purchase, you feel like you are there and it becomes a part of your home or office that you enjoy everyday.

The Vehicle

Art can not be rushed. It takes time and it takes patience.

With that in mind I set about building an office on wheels that would get me to where I needed to be, and enable me to stay for as long as I needed to capture that special landscape. The result was a Toyota Troop Carrier fully customised. Carrying 270 litres of fuel, 100 litres of water, and 6 to 8 weeks of food supplies, I am able to be completely self-sufficient for extended periods. I also have a 600w solar system hard-wired to a 1000W inverter with 240v outlets to run my computers, hard drives and the essential charging of camera batteries! Getting stuck is not my favourite thing - but I do have winch and diff lockers plus the full range of recovery gear to get myself out of tight situations. Everything on my vehicle is there to allow me to get to the most remote locations in Australia - and back again!